Saturday, July 25, 2020

Flashback: Price Of Oil -- CNBC -- July 25, 2020

This popped up on my calendar today.

For the archives, I posted this on my calendar twelve years ago after a talking head on CNBC said we would see $200-oil before we saw $100-oil. I wish I had kept the name of the "talking head," but it wouldn't have mattered. I may have missed it, but I don't recall ever seeing $200-oil in the last twelve years.

Pretty hilarious. I've always said that predicting the price of oil was a fool's errand.

Screenshot from my calendar:

Historical price of WTI:
  • June, 2008: $164.92
  • July, 2008: $145.42
  • Sept, 2008: $118.55
  • December, 2008: $54.68
  • February, 2016: $36.16
  • April, 2020: $18.83

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