Sunday, October 28, 2018

Have We Talked About Jack Yet? Jack 21-16 1H -- #21046? -- October 28, 2018

Production profile at this post.

At that link, scroll down the production profile and look at the jump in production at various times:
  • production jumped after the first small re-frack in August, 2016
  • production jumped again, and sustained a bit longer, one year later, in August, 2017
  • Once you see the pad, it will make sense. In addition, the well was re-fracked, July 31, 2016 - 
    • August 1, 2016: only 2.9 million gallons of water; and 94% water by weight (very little sand) -- FracFocus; sundry form -- an IP of 820 on the re-frack; 1.4 million lbs of sand and 12 stages; a very, very small frack.
The well:
  • 21046, 2,264, Equinor/Statoil, Jack 21-16 1H, East Fork, 33-105-02260; t5/12; cum 328K 6/19;
For newbies:
  • note the mix of middle Bakken wells and first bench of the Three Forks
  • we haven't even started drilling the lower benches of the Three Forks fro this pad yet
  • note the completion strategy Equinor is using; re-fracking parent wells with small amounts of water/proppant at same time daughter wells are being fracked with optimized completions
  • it appears some fields may be better for re-fracks than other fields; the jury is still out
  • it appears some fields may be better for parent wells than other fields when daughter wells are fracked; the jury is still out;
For newbies: another chapter in the life-history of the Bakken wells that will produce for 35 years. These are the metrics that are important:
  • how fast the well pays for itself -- in the Bakken, improving over time
  • the EUR -- it turns out that the EUR is not static
  • primary production as a percent of original oil in place (OOIP) -- it turns out that this is not static
  • decline rates -- in the Bakken, improving over time
  • operator's management of the asset
  • impact of neighboring wells
The graphics: 

Other wells in the lower graphic:
  • 21045, 3,205, Equinor/Statoil, Ruth 28-33 1H, East Fork,33-105-02259, re-fracked 8/1/16, 12 stages, 1.5 million lbs, IP of 1,226, t4/12; cum 344K 6/19; very small re-frack for huge return; see below

  • 30427, 1,778, Equinor, Ruth 28-33 4TFH, East Fork, t11/16; cum 139K 6/19; just went off line 6/19;
  • 30429, 1,770, Equinor, Ruth 28-33 2TFH, East Fork, t11/16; cum 137K 6/19;
  • 30431, 3,256, Equinor, Ruth 28-33 3H, East Fork, t11/16; cum 264K 6/19;
  • 30428, 1,653, Equinor, Jack 21-16 3TFH, East Fork, t11/16; cum 124K 6/19;
  • 30430, 1,438, Equinor, Jack 21-16 8TFH, East Fork, t11/16; cum 139K 6/19;
  • 30432, 2,563, Equinor, Jack 21-16 2H, East Fork, t11/16; cum 243K 6/19;
21045: after the very, very small re-frack in August, 2016, this well produced 55,000 bbls of crude oil over the next 18 months and was off-line much of that time; at $50/bbl = $2.8 million. 

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