Saturday, June 10, 2017

Making America Great Again -- US Beef Could Be In China By Next Month; Update On LNG Export Terminals In Texas -- June 10, 2017

Link over at Williston Herald. US beef had been banned since 2003 due to mad cow disease concern. New administration was able to get this reversed.

US LNG Exports


June 11, 2017: see first comment; reader doesn't understand the problem. I agree with the reader. 
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US natural gas boom could snarl traffic at one of America's busiest ports -- Bloomberg.
  • Houston Ship Channel prone to backups in bad weather
  • US LNG exports at record high
  • Panama Canal, at a cost of $5.3 billion, was expanded to accommodate the new traffic
  • approx 20 US LNG export terminals already approved or proposed for the Gulf Coast, more shipsare on the way
  • it would be nice to have more export terminals on east and west coast but widely opposed by local populations
Houston Chronicle has more in-depth article on size / activity of Port of Houston, as well as all the activity going on at smaller ports, including Port of Brownsville, Texas; and, Portland, Texas. At Brownsville:
... there's about $43 billion in projects in the works at the Port of Brownsville, including an LEED-certified steel mill, a pipeline that will cross into Mexico, and three liquefied natural gas plants. The port is also working to win Congressional approval to deepen its ship channel, from 42 feet to 52.
At Portland (Texas):
One of the biggest single projects is Cheniere's new 2,000-acre, $13-billion facility here in Portland. Over 4,000 construction workers are erecting a maze of steel beams, shiny stainless pipes and towering cement tanks, as well as two white-concrete export docks on the coast. The ship berths are almost fully dredged. And the company has a contract on adjacent land that could further expand its LNG production capacity.
Oilprice expands on all the activity along the US Gulf Coast. It's more of the same, capturing some of the data points made above as well as data points made by RBN Energy over the past year. 


  1. i dont understand why they'd be writing about the potential for natural gas exports to snarl Houston...i didn't think there's any export facilities planned for that part of Texas:
    (correct me if my sense of Texas geography is wrong)

    1. Great catch. You are so correct. Every port in the area was mentioned as an LNG export terminal EXCEPT Houston. LOL.

      This is very strange, considering the article was in the Houston Chronicle which certainly would / should have known.

      The only thing I can think of is that they're talking about the "greater gulf" as ships start to line up to come into all the ports, but even so, it shouldn't be a problem.

      But you are so correct, unless we're both missing something. Even the RBN Energy article didn't mention an LNG export facility at Houston: