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Families: A - F

  Density Projects


A-C-I-K-l-M-R Pad (MRO, "the Monson pad," Antelope) 

A-J-HW-MC Pad (MRO, the Medicine Crow pad, Reunion Bay)

A-J-2K-S Pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

A. Johnson Wells (Oasis, Banks)

Aagvik Wells (Oasis, Banks)

Alfsvaag Wells (CLR, CMC)

Adam Good Bear Wells (WPX)

Admundson Wells (XTO, Siverston)  

Alamo Wells (Slawson, Big Bend)

Alfred Old Dog Wells (WPX)

Alpha Wells (CLR, Camp)

AN-Bohmbach Wells (Hess, Antelope-Sanish)

AN-Gudbranson Wells (Hess, Elm Tree)

AN-Dinwoodie Wells (Hess, Antelope)

Andersmadson Wells (Oasis, Camp)

Anderson Wells (CLR, Willow Creek)

Anderson Ranch Wells (BR, Camel Butte)

Andre Shepherd Wells (Oasis, Missouri Ridge) 

Angus Wells  - 1 (CLR, Elm Creek)

Angus Federal Wells - 2 (CLR, Elm Creek)

Angus Wells (Zavanna, Stockyard Creek / Long Creek)

Anna Wells (CLR, Last Chance)

Antelope Federal / Bohmbach (CLR, Elm Tree)

Arikara Wells (WPX, Reunion Bay)

Arlene Federal Wells (XTO North Fork)

Armada Federal Wells (Slawson, Big Bend, Van Hook)

Arndt Wells (Whiting, Sanish)

Atlanta Wells

Austin Wells (EOG, Parshall)

Bailey Wells (CLR, Pershing; see also, Wiley)

Bandit, Rebel, Snakeeyes Wells (Slawson, Big Bend/Van Hook) 

Bang Wells (CLR, Cedar Coulee)

Bartleson / Burr Federal / Roggenbuck (17-well pad, Whiting, Sanish)

BB-Chapin / BB-Federal (Hess, Blue Buttes)

BB-Federal / BB-Chapin (Hess, Blue Buttes)

BB-Olson Wells (Hess, Blue Buttes)

BB-State Wells (Hess, Blue Buttes)

B-C-G-K-MS-N Pad (MRO, the Mark Sandstrom pad, Reunion Bay)

B-D-E-F pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

Bear Den Wells (EOG Wells in Spotted Owl)

Bear Den Wells (XTO, Bear Den)

Beaux Wells (Statoil) 

Behr Wells (WPX, Reunion Bay)

Bel Air, Comet, and Thomte Wells (Resource Energy, Ambrose oil field)

Benson / Good Voice Pad (WPX, Squaw Creek)

Berquist Wells (Oasis, Banks Oil Field)

Berg Federal Wells (Newfield, Haystack Butte)

Bice Federal and Bice FIU (CLR, Chimney Butte)

Bigfoot Wells (Kraken Operating, Sanish oil field)

Big Gulch / Dakota Federal Wells (XTO, Haystack Butte)

Bird Bear Pad (WPX, Spotted Horn)

BL-Amelia Pad (Hess, Beaver Lodge) 

BL-Frisinger (Hess, Beaver Lodge)

Black Federal (Kraken Operating, Oliver oil field)

Blue Racer Wells (WPX, Squaw Creek)

Blue Ridge Wells (BR, Keene Oil Field)

Bobcat Federal Wells (XTO, Bear Creek oil field)

Bohmbach / Antelope Federal (CLR, Elm Tree) 

Bonneville / Bridger Wells (CLR, Rattlesnake Point) 

Borden Federal Wells (Oasis,Willow Creek)

Borrud Wells (Tyrone Oil Field, north of Williston)

Boulder and Boulder Federal Wells (CLR, Banks)

Brandvik Wells (CLR, Corral Creek)

Brangus North Well (CLR, Elm Tree)

Brehm Wells (Whiting, Sanish)

Bridger / Bonneville Wells (CLR, Rattlesnake Point)

Brown Wells (Statoil, Alger field)

Budahn Wells (Hess, Blue Buttes, 150-95)

Bullberry Federal Wells (XTO, Lost Bridge)

Bullrush - Haymaker (BR, Elidah oilfield)

Bully Federal (XTO, Bear Den)

Bures Wells (Statoil, Alger Field)

Burlington Resources' Blue Ridge Wells (Keene field)

Burlington Resources' Bryce Wells (Westberg field)

Burr Federal / Roggenbuck / Bartleson (17-well pad, CLR, Whiting, Sanish)

"Bush" Wells (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Butterfly/Tortoise/Turtle Pads (Enerplus, Antelope-Sanish) -- incredibly good wells

Cactus Pad (Enerplus, Heart Butte) 

CA-E Burdick Wells (Hess, Capa)

Candee Wells (CLR, Chimney Butte)

Caribou Wells (WPX, Reunion Bay)

Carscallen Wells (Whiting, Truax)

Carson Peak/Morris Wells (CLR, Oakdale)

Carus Wells (CLR, Cedar Coulee)

"Cat" Wells (Enerplus, Mandaree and Moccasin Creek oil fields)

CCU Dakotan Wells (BR, Corral Creek)

CCU Gopher Wells (BR, Corral Creek)

CCU Pullman Wells (BR, Corral Creek)

CCU Red River Wells (BR, Corral Creek)

C-E-2H-O Pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

Ceynar Wells (Oasis, various fields; mostly Banks oil field)

Chameleon Wells (Whiting, Banks)

Charchenko Wells (MRO, Murphy Creek)

Charles Blackhawk Pad (WPX, Heart Butte)

Charlie Sorenson Wells (Statoil, Alger Field)

Charlotte Wells (CLR, Banks, important TF3 exploratory wells, trillion-bbl reservoir?)

Charlson State/USA 154-94-31 Wells (Petro-Hunt, Charlson)

Charlson USA 153-95-4 (Petro-Hunt, Charlson)

Charolais North Federal Wells (CLR, Elm Tree)

Charolais South Federal Wells (CLR, Elm Tree)

Chauncy-Winona Pad (MRO, Antelope-Sanish)

Cherry Wells (BR, Haystack Butte)

Cheryl Wells (Statoil, Banks, the Cheryl-Richard pad)

Chicago/Syracuse Wells (CLR, Banks)

Chloe Wells (CLR, East Fork)

Christiana Wells (XTO, West Capa) 

Christoph USA Pad (MRO, Bailey Oil field)

Chuckwagon Wells (BR, Sand Creek)

Clarks Creek Wells (EOG)

"Cloudy" Wells (ERF, Eagle Nest) 

Cole Wells (XTO, Siverston)

Collison Wells (CLR, Avoca)

Colter Wells (CLR, Bear Creek)

Corsican Federal Wells (CLR, Sanish)

Courage, Honor, Pride, Grace Wells (Enerplus, Spotted Horn)

Crane Federal Wells (Oasis, Willow Creek)

Crosby Chase Wells (WPX, Spotted Horn)

Crosby Creek Wells (Sinclair, Little Knife)

Croff Wells (BR, Croff)

Cuskelly/Thorvald Wells (CLR, Rattlesnake Point)

Daily Wells (QEP, Blue Buttes oil field; near the Tipi V wells)

Dakota Federal / Big Gulch Wells (XTO, Haystack Butte)

Daniel Wells (CLR's wells in southeast Divide County; high-proppant volume "test")

Darlean Wells (XTO, Alkali Creek)

Dennis / Flint Chips (CLR, Cedar Coulee, Big Gulch)

Dodge Wells (BR, Dimmick Lake)

Dolezal Wells (CLR, Chimney Butte)

D-S-T pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

Dvirnak Wells (CLR, Pletan-Dvirnak pad, Jim Creek oil field)

Eager, Waldorf (MRO, Four Bears)

East Nesson Wells (Hess)

Emma Owner wells (WPX, Spotted Horn)

EN-Abrahamson wells (Hess, Alger)

EN-Anderson wells (Hess, Manitou)

EN-Cvancara / EN-Fretheim wells (Hess, Robinson Lake; 18-well pad)

EN-Davenport / EN-Person (Hess, Manitou/Big Butte) 

EN-Freda / EN-Leo wells (Hess, Alkali Creek, two 5-well pads; one 6-well pad)
EN-Fretheim / EN-Cvancara wells (Hess, Robinson Lake; 18-well pad)

EN-Jeffrey wells (Hess, Alkali Creek, 18-well pad)

EN-Johnson wells (Hess, Alkali Creek/Manitou) 

EN-Joyce wells (Hess, Manitou)

EN-Labar wells (Hess, Alkali Creek)

EN-Person / EN-Davenport (Hess, Manitou/Big Butte)

EN-Rice / EN-Ruland wells (Hess, Manitou)

EN-Riersgard / EN-State C wells (Hess, Alger, 16-well pad)

EN-Ruland wells (Hess, Manitou, 6 wells on two neighboring pads; one pad with Dobrovolny wells)

EN-Ruland / EN-Rice wells (Hess, Manitou)

EN-Sorenson wells (Hess, Alkali Creek, multiple pads; sited in section 350155-94)

EN-State B wells (Hess, Alger)

EN-State C / EN-Riersgard wells (Hess, Alger, 16-well pad) 

EN-Thompson Trust wells (Hess, Alkali Creek)

EN-VP and R- Wells (Hess, Alkali Creek)

EN-Weyrauch Wells 

Enderud Wells (Equinor, Banks)

Evenson Wells (Hess, Antelope Oil Field)

Everglades Wells (BR, Keene Oil Field)

Evitt / P Evitt Wells (Whiting, Truax)

Fast Dog (WPX, Eagle Nest)

FBIR Bird / Stephen Wells (XTO, Heart Butte)

FBIR Blackmedicine Wells (XTO, Heart Butte)

FBIR Blackmedicine, Wells (XTO, Heart Butte)

FBIR Guyblackhawk Wells (XTO, Heart Butte)

FBIR Johnson Wells (Rimrock, Heart Butte)

FBIR Lawrence Wells (XTO, Heart Butte) 

FBIR Stephen / Bird Wells  (XTO, Heart Butte)

FBIR Yellowwolf (XTO Heart Butte)

FB Belford Wells (Bruin, Eagle Nest)

FB Bonita Wells (Bruin, Four Bears)

FB James Wells (Bruin, Spotted Horn; Antelope-Sanish)

FB Leviathan Wells (Enerplus/Bruin, Antelope-Sanish)

Fladeland Wells (Sanish oil field, mostly Whiting, some Kraken)

Flatland Wells (Whiting, Banks)

Flatland Federal Wells (Whiting, Twin Valley; huge)

Flint Chips / Dennis (CLR, Cedar Coulee, Big Gulch)

Florida and Florida Federal Wells (CLR, Camp)

Foreman Wells (QEP, Spotted Horn/Blue Buttes)

Forland Wells (Oasis, Siverston)

Fort Berthold Wells (HRC, Eagle Nest)

Fort Berthold Wells (Bruin/HRC, Four Bears) 

Fox Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree oil field)

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