Note: I visit this page the least of any page on the blog. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of anything on this page simply because I check in on it so very little. I leave it up in case folks are visiting, but I don't have a lot of interest in this page. 

Again, this is not an investment site. I include investment information because activity in the Bakken goes hand-in-glove (or hand-in-hand) with investment in the Bakken.

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How to Invest in Energy, March 29, 2011, CNBC

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      Stocks That Intrigue Me But I Don't Hold or Hold Intermittently (A Few I Am Now Accumulating -- such as CLR)
      Stocks to check in on periodically (I don't hold these as long term investments but reliable sources -- private and public -- mention them periodically). These are ones I like, may trade, hold short term for dividends, or hold short term for special situations. I do not like speculative plays, and I seldom buy shares in a company that does not pay dividends.
      • Bakken: WLL, WHX, MDU, (I hold CLR, NOG; I sold all MDU in 2009/2010 after accumulating for years)
      • Other Bakken: NFX, KOG  (finally broke down and bought a few shares in January, 2011) 
      • Railroad: TRN, RAIL, (my best buy ever -- BNI -- was bought by Buffett)
      • Pipelines: KMP, TRP
      • Dividends: ENP, EPD (currently hold), CODI, NLY (sold in 2010), EEP (currently hold); ERF (have traded in and out in the past; currently hold, January, 2011); PGH; WHX (now holding; will sell in 2011, most likely; MLPs
      • Telecommunications: CTL, WIN, (have traded both of these; in and out for the dividends)
      • Banks: BAC, WFC, JPM, GS, C, (I doubt I would ever consider, but maybe special circumstances; they all have huge cash reserves)
      • Special situation: STR, QEP (spin-off); MUR (selling all refineries; UK retail)
      • Recent IPOs: OAS; CHKM
      • More speculative: GEOI (first bought shares in January, 2011; bought by Halcon in 2012); TPLM (first bought shares in January, 2011); SSN (have never held)
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      Very Speculative (not necessarily Bakken companies)
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