Saturday, April 27, 2019

Southern Surge

During the Obama administration, I tracked the number of cities and states facing bankruptcy ["the doomsday chronicles"]. Since 2015 or thereabouts, we haven't seen many such stories. The new story seems to be the "southern surge."

Regardless of how one feels about the "southern surge," it's a fascinating story. This is where I will track the "southern surge." This page will be linked at the sidebar at the right.  Victor Davis Hanson has opined on the "sourthern surge" and I agree with his observations: things that go on forever, simply don't.


October 13, 2021:

September 1, 2019: except for an occasional news item at/on a far-right media outlet about "families" continuing to stream across the southern border, the "southern surge" story has completely disappeared.

June 8, 2019: Trump says Mexico has announced immediately executable plans to help control illegal immigration into the US. Trump lifts threat of tariffs but says he will be watching Mexico's compliance closely.

May 30, 2019: in round numbers, 100,000 illegal immigrants streaming across the southern border every month; Congress and federal judges unwilling to stop to southern surge; Trump today announces, without warning, a 5% tariff on Mexican goods coming into US; that tariff will gradually be increased until Mexico stops the surge.

April 28, 2019: as few as 70 immigrants/day can overwhelm cities with populations over one million. Practically every major city from San Antonio to Phoenix is mentioned in this Time article.

April 27, 2019: migrants from El Paso, TX, now being bussed directly to Tucson, AZ.  Official population of El Paso: 683,000, probably closer to 750,000. Tucson official: 535,000; probably closer to 650,000. Phoenix, 1.6 million.

April 16, 2019: Yuma, Arizona, mayor declares emergency over migrang surge.

April 4, 2019: El Paso buckles under the migrant surge.

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