Friday, August 16, 2019

Transportation Services Index And The Cass Freight Index; Western Star; Australia; And All That Jazz -- August 16, 2019

A new link at "Data Links" has been added: the Transportation Services Index.

From an earlier post: A reader sent me the link to the Cass Freight Index. The index is posted here.

A Shout Out To Truckers Around The World

The other day there was a WSJ article about the slowdown in truck manufacturing (Class 8 -- the semis). I spoke to an individual who works for a specialty truck company on the west coast two days ago: he is working mandatory overtime. In addition, the company has bought another site for possibly building another manufacturing plant sometime in the future. There are a couple of reasons why this new plant on the west coast might be needed: Asian and Australian companies.

Australian road trains

One comment:4:14 Saw that green one last night in a clip.. 86 wheels and tyres in service and probably two spares each per trailer? 5:44 Can you imagine that. Well the lights were green when I began to pull away officer.
Western Star Australia:

Western Star 2020:

Connecting the dots:
OzMan: Rock On in the Western Star:

Okay, just one more.

Lights on the hill:

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