Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Twenty-Three (23) New Permits -- North Dakota; August 19, 2014; XTO Reports a DRY Hole In Heart Butte

Wells coming off the confidential list Wednesday:
  • 26198, drl, Zavanna, Beagle 32-29 1H, Springbrook, no production data,
  • 27060, drl, BR, Norman 21-4MBH, 2SH, Johnson Corner, no production data,
  • 27325, 1,986, KOG, Skunk Creek 4-8-17-13H3, South Fork, t6/14; cum --
  • 27575, drl, Statoil, Barstad 23-14 8H, Alger, no production data,
Twenty-three (23) new permits --
  • Operators: XTO (6), CLR (4), KOG (4), Hess (4), , Oasis, MRO, Whiting, Zavanna, BR
  • Fields: Arnegard (McKenzie), Garden (McKenzie), Moccasin Creek (Dunn), Alkali Creek (Mountrail), Briar Creek (Williams), Zenith (Stark), Haystack Butte, (McKenzie), Reunion Bay (Mountrail), Elidah (McKenzie), Siverston (McKenzie)
  • Comments:
Wells coming off the confidential list were posted earlier today; see sidebar at the right.

One producing well completed:
  • 27116, 845, EOG, Parshall 54-1014H, Parshall, proposed 1920-acre spacing, proposed , TVD: 9,225; TD, 20521, feet; hz, 11,255 feet; middle Bakken, t7/14 cum --
Dry hole:
  • 26881, dry, XTO, FBIR Guyblackhawk 24X-27E, Heart Butte, Three Forks B1, proposed TVD, 10,600; TD, 20,970; 1280-acre spacing; looks like they got to TVD but no lateral; geology report not yet filed;
Active rigs:

Active Rigs194183199193138

I'll be off the net, possibly for several hours. I was going to ask my wife to fill in, but she had two questions:
  • how is "Bakken" spelled; and, 
  • what is the "Bakken"?
Never mind.

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