Thursday, February 28, 2013

Connecting the Right-To-Work Dots

A big "thank you" to Don.

USA Today reported: Indiana becomes the "rust belt's" first right-to-work state. That was reported about .. oh, one month ago, February 2, 2013, to be exact.

Quick, fast forward to today, February 28, 2013, 11:15 am: Chrysler announced huge investment in north-central Indiana.
An automaker is investing hundreds of millions and adding well more than a thousand positions at transmission and metal casting plants in Indiana.

Thursday morning, Chrysler announced it is adding 1,250 jobs to increase production of fuel-efficient transmissions in north-central Indiana. It’s also investing $374 million in area plants.
Interesting to note that the second-linked story failed to at least think about connecting the dots. In less than a month. This is not rocket science.


  1. Must be a slow news day in the Bakken this week.

    1. Not this week, just today.

      It is slower than usual. Only two wells came off the confidential list this morning. But the stock market is exploding on the up side, which at the moment, interests me even more.

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  2. What a wonderfull way to work for low wages no benefits and no retirement---whoopeee!

    1. Really?

      Wages: competitive.
      Benefits: healthcare (ObamaCare -- big whoopeee!)