Friday, May 4, 2012

NDIC Hearing Dockets for May Posted

I will summarize them later this evening or over the weekend, but it's going to be quite a session.

As just one example:
  • Case 17816, Whiting will be requesting up to 6 wells on a 640-acre spacing unit in Alger field, Mountrail County.


  1. Curious as to what you know or have gathered about Todd.

    I see Brigham is on the docket re: spacing in Zones I & II. I don't see Todd listed in your field updates.

    Family has some interest in a pool of sections 28 & 33 (155/101) Third well coming off confidential this month. Thanks...and by the way, your blog has been invaluable!

    1. The Todd has not been that active until recently, but I guess I need to update it soon.

      But, no, I don't have any new information about Todd. When I get caught up I will do an "update" on the Todd.

      Good luck with your wells. My hunch is this area will be very, very good before it's all over.