August 22, 2015: Hess begins deducting 15% for transportation charges from royalty checks going out-of state; 

January 3, 2012: Question for readers -- this was sent in by a reader; please feel free to send in comments:
I notice you have a toolbar on mineral rights. I have a question that maybe you or your well-qualified bloggers can answer. I have three (3) mineral acres under a well south of Tioga. The well is about a year old and royalties have been running about 50 bucks a month. Two years ago a mineral acquisition firm offered to buy for $500 per acre. One year ago they upped to $ 1,100. Now they have offered $3,000 per acre.This is about 15 years of royalty and I don't understand its worth. Is it possible that a pooling or unitization plan for the Bakken in the future would make these minerals more valuable?
My 2 cents worth: never sell minerals unless you really, really need the money. Lease, yes. Sell, no. But I could be wrong. Curious what others have to say. Once sold, unlikely to ever be able to get them back. I suppose sell if you have another great investment for the proceeds from the sale. 

Auction: on-line auction, Dunn County, North Dakota, Bakken; North Dakota state land, December 1, 2011 - December 8, 2011. (I may forget to remove this link but obviously the dates are clear.)

North Dakota State Minerals Management -- state site

Phone Numbers for Mineral Owners Relations Department for Companies Leasing in the Bakken

North Dakota Mineral Rights Discussion Group: This site has been closed. I will leave this note up for awhile to let folks know this discussion group is no longer there.

North Dakota State Lease Results -- quarterly

Minerals Rights 101: NDSU Ag Law 

Land Ownership
Websites for mineral rights owners
Landmen, Roster
Surface Owners
Discussion Groups
Off-topic sites, but tangentially related, and maybe of interest to some:


January 30, 2022: note for mom-and-pop Hess and Bruin mineral owners. Enerplus has acquired some Hess wells in Dunn County, and Bruin assets in the Bakken.
April 20, 2017: ND legislature rules that the state does not "necessarily" own the mineral rights under Lake Sakakawea.

March 6, 2012: judicial decision affecting surface owners; good news for surface owners. 

May 19, 2011: 10,000 net acres available for purchase, southwest North Dakota. Data room now open; sale to conclude by June 8, 2011.

February 12, 2011: Two more regional stories about the boom. One is about disgruntled severed surface owners; the other is about the impact the boom has on small business owners trying to keep up but being hampered by inadequate public and private infrastructure. Both links will be broken soon because they are regional newspaper links.

February 8, 2011: A bill to establish a mediation board to settle severed surface owners issues was defeated by the North Dakota Senate, 32-14.  [Note: links to regional newspapcers are broken very quickly.]

January 21, 2010: A bill to share oil royalty payments with severed surface owners was defeated in the North Dakota Senate today, 40-6. Wow, that was fast. 

August 30, 2010: From the Minot Daily News, Surface Owners Want More Rights


This page is here simply for those who are interested (obviously) in this subject. I own no mineral rights; I have no interest in buying mineral rights; I have no agenda when it comes to mineral rights. But I assume the vast majority of individuals representing themselves (and not their company) are interested in mineral rights issues.

Let me know if there are other resources that would be of interest to mineral rights owners and I will post if appropriate.