Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen: Dead At 82 -- November 10, 2016

Pretty sad.

Tower of Love, Leonard Cohen

The Political Page

The 2016 presidential election will be studied ad nauseum.

This is something I've heard no one mention. Fatigue. Hillary's.

The polls suggested this was going to be an incredibly close race. Both candidates had already pre-positioned lawyers in every swing state / every battleground state -- that's how tight they thought this race was going to be.

The day before the election, Monday, November 7, 2016: Trump visited ten swing states / battleground states.

Hillary? Visited one. She had one scheduled public event Monday, the day before the election. The one public appearance the day before the election was a "concert."

Again, the reporters and journalists are looking at this with their eyes wide shut. They look for every reason to explain why they lost. Some races were so tight, one wonders if one last visit, the day before the election would have made a difference.

There's only two reasons why she did not visit more than one state the day before the election: fatigue or a medical condition, or a combination of both.

She was no doubt resting on Monday to prepare for whatever Tuesday might bring.

Ten states in one day for a 70-year-old man. One concert for his opponent. On the last day before a very tightly competitive race.


Both Canada and Mexico, apparently, have said they are willing to "re-negotiate" NAFTA.

This is two days after Trump was elected. There are still about 70 days before he is sworn in.

When Canada and Mexico are both willing to "re-negotiate" NAFTA it speaks volumes. It tells me the playing field is very, very uneven, and the United States is getting the worst part of the bargain.

I guess the "Pacific Ocean Free Trade Act" (POFTA) is dead. DOA. EIEIO.

The NFL Page

I thought the NFL ratings story was a bit overblown, maybe some hype. I thought that total number of eyeballs watching NFL had probably increased despite the lower ratings on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. But now I'm not so sure.

The New York Times has this headline: "As Ratings Plummet, NFL Considers Reducing Ads and Length of Games."

As long as they're doing that, they might as well quietly ask the players to act like they respect the USA. The players don't have to really like the US, but if they would just pretend for 2 minutes, that might help. That issue was not mentioned in the article -- for the NY Times it would not be something they would want to bring up.

Closing Time

Closing Time, Leonard Cohen

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