Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five of Eights On DRL Status; Wells Coming Off The Confidential List Wednesday

22568, drl, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Tripucka 34-27-158N-101W, Little Muddy; looks like a good well, no IP yet; cum 11K 12/12;
22715, drl, BEXP, D D 26-35 2TFH, no production data;
22748, 729, Enerplus, Chokecherry 149-32-21A-22H, Mandaree, t11/12; cum 29K 12/12;
23089, drl, BEXP, Jarold 25-36 1H, Todd, no production data;
23284, 849, Hess, EN-Belik 156-93-0607H-3, Big Butte, see below; t11/12; cum 38K 12/12;
23344, drl, CLR, Milton 2-14H, Hamlet,
23351, 921, CLR, Missoula 2-21H, Camp, t12/12; cum 1,403 bbls 12/12;
23402, drl, XTO, FBIR Smith 11X-10F, Heart Butte,


23284, 849, Hess, EN-Belik 156-93-0607H-3, Big Butte; on NG pipeline:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold


  1. Updates.



    Surge: "In North Dakota, fracing operations are underway on seven joint interest horizontal multi-frac Spearfish wells, which are all expected to be on production by early March 2013."

    Legacy: "Similarly, at Bottineau County, North Dakota, undeveloped locations included in the 2012 independent engineering report have been assigned reserves 25 percent higher than in the 2011 independent engineering report. Legacy has achieved these rates while constraining production to maximize ultimate recovery."

    anon 1

    1. Again, I really appreciate readers sending me links. I can't keep up with everything going on in the Williston Basin. Much appreciated. This information will be posted several places for easy cross-reference (for example, at the Legacy and Surge pages archived in sidebar at the right) as well as a stand-alone post.