Friday, February 3, 2012

Global Warming Hits Colorado: Weather Forcast and Advisory

If the blizzards move through the entire mid-continent, truck traffic could be affected, aggrevating the food shortage in Willison.

Link here

This is the advisor/weather alert:
A Winter Storm Warning is in effect in many areas of Colorado. Blizzard conditions and heavy snow east of Denver with snow accumulations possible of 12"-24". High winds are likely. Denver/Front Range area will see continued snow Friday into early Saturday, accumulations vary depending on location.
This is the closure advisory: 
I-70 Eastbound Closed Between Denver and Limon and Burlington to Denver for Westbound traffic. NO ESTIMATED REOPEN but this is likely to be an overnight closure. Adverse weather conditions and high winds.


  1. The "dark side" of "just-in-time" inventory control.

  2. Yeppir..... Global warming hit highlands ranch where I live, south metro Denver area.... 26" of 'warmth' here!


    1. Wow.

      24" is the average TOTAL snowfall for Boston.