Friday, October 2, 2020

MRO's Pads In The Bakken

The "Betty Shobe" pad: A-J-2K-S.   

The "Copeland USA" pad: C-E-2H-O.

The "Doll USA" pad.

The "Doris USA" pad: B-D-E-F. 

The "Doven" pad: D-S-T.

The "Eager-Waldorf USA" pad

The "Jones - Clara" pad. 

The "Klovstad" pad: K-R-W. This pad is clearly on the fringe of the Bakken. It will be interesting if this measures up to other pads in the Bailey oil field.

The "Marion USA" pad. 

The "Monson USA" pad: A-C-I-K-L-M-R.

The "Papa George USA" pad.

The "Quale" pad.

The "Saint Pierre USA" pad: A-B-C-R-2S. Initial drilling noted in 11/20.

The "Thorson USA" pad:  L-O-T-V.

The "Waltom USA" pad: P-R-S-4W.

The "Winona USA" pad.

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