Friday, October 2, 2020

MRO's Pads In The Bakken

The "Betty Shobe" pad: A-J-2K-S.   

The "Copeland USA" pad: C-E-2H-O. 

The "Christoph USA" pad: C-P-S-W.

The "Doll USA" pad.

The "Doris USA" pad: B-D-E-F. 

The "Doven" pad: D-S-T.

The "Eager-Waldorf USA" pad

The "Jones - Clara" pad. 

The "Klovstad" pad: K-R-W. This pad is clearly on the fringe of the Bakken. It will be interesting if this measures up to other pads in the Bailey oil field. 

The Little Owl pad: L-M-2P-O. Starting to report 7/21.

The "Marion USA" pad. 

The "Monson USA" pad: A-C-I-K-L-M-R.

The "Papa George USA" pad.

The "Quale" pad.

The "Saint Pierre USA" pad: A-B-C-R-2S. Initial drilling noted in 11/20. 

The "Stillwell USA" pad: DC2-K-L-S.

The "Thorson USA" pad:  L-O-T-V. 

The "Treasure-Shell" pad: A-C-E-J-S-T.

The "Waltom USA" pad: P-R-S-4W.

The "Winona USA" pad.

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