Sunday, September 13, 2020

Let's Rock!! Cyclone 34 Drilling J-ROC1 1 -- September 13, 2020

The twelve rigs drilling today:
  • H&P 454, CRL, Morris 12-26H1,
  • H&P 492, MRO, Adonijah USA 44-5TFH, 2B, 
  • H&P 515, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-11C-2-1HS,
  • Nabors B27, WPX, Crosby Chase 2-1HC,
  • Nabors B6, BR, Maverick 2D MBH,
  • Nabors B21, BR, Cherry ICe Cream 1V TFH,
  • Nabors X28, Hess, EN-VP and R-154-94-2536H-13,
  • Cylcone 38, CLR, Norway 10-5HSL1 -- see below
  • Cyclone 34, Minnkota Power Coop, J-ROC1 1,
  • Unit 414, Slawson, Osprey Federal 4-26-29TFH,
  • Stoneham 11, K T Enterprises 34-22 SF1,
  • T&S Drilling 1, MRO, Larry USA 13-26TFH,

Let's check in on Cyclone 34

The graphics:


From a reader, these are photos of Cyclone 34 drilling J-ROC1 1 for Minnkota Power Coop:

They show Cyclone Drilling #34 drilling the geologic test well on the plant site. You can see a BNI coal dragline working in the upper right, and the Oliver 3 wind farm on the horizon as well. 

The photos:


Let's rock!


  1. what is target? substructure infers a deeper test than ND test to NW. Permit CONFID - unsure why unless by default

    1. 1. It's my impression that operators put "all" wells on confidential list as a matter of course. There are exceptions of course.

      2. I assume Minnkota is looking for optimum formation for carbon storage.

      3. The earlier well comes off confidential list 11/14/20 -- just a couple of months from now. The well under discussion comes off confidential list in March, 2021.