Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Quarterly Lease Sales Results For North Dakota Have Been Posted -- Northern Energy Buying North Dakota -- November, 2019

Quarterly lease sales results have been released for November, 2019. Link here.

Note: no parcels sold in Mountrail County or Dunn County.

Northern Energy Corporation headquarters in Bismarck, ND.

Disclaimer: I do this quickly. There will be typographical and factual errors. If this is important to you, go to the source. 

  • 46 parcels, more or less
  • most parcels, 40-acres, 80-acres; and, 160-acres
  • low bids overall, but best bonus: $366/acre, 40 acres, Norra Resources, LLC, section 26-144-98
  • all parcels except five went to North Energy Corporation  
  • one parcel to Douglas Morton
  • three parcels to Norra Resources, LLC
  • one parcel to Petro-Hunt, LLC
  • 18 parcels
  • most parcels 40-acre, 80-acre, and 160-acre
  • most parcels for $2.00/acre
  • best bonus:  $206/acre for two separate parcels
  • 1.72 acres, section 29-91-162
  • 10 acres, section 29-91-162
  • all parcels except four went to North Energy Corporation
  • one parcel to Lynx Oil Company
  • one parcel to Douglas Morton
  • two parcels to Norra Resources, LLC
  • 3 parcels
  • every parcel: 80 acres
  • bonus: $26/acre (2); and, $36/acre (1)
  • all parcels went to Northern Energy Corporation
  • 21 parcels
  • almost all parcels were160 acres
  • bonuses as low as $2.00
  • best bonus: $512/acre -- 7.47 acres in section 18-146-98
  • all parcels except one went to North Energy Corporation
  • one parcel went to Lynx Oil Company
  • 8 parcels 
  • 77 acres to 160 acres
  • best bonus: $663/acre -- SE4-section 34-158-96
  • every parcel: Northern Energy Corporation


  1. My wife owns minerals (2/10 acre) and a working interest in a poor 2012 Bakken well in Williams County's Ellisville field. This last week we received an offer along with a completed contract to buy those mineral for $7,200/acre (net $1,440). Thanks to you and your years of free information including the Daily Activity Reports posting last week, I decided to do a little more research. It turned out four days before the date posted on the offer, the leasing company Bruin had 6 new Bakken and Three Fork wells permits approved. We are keeping the minerals but to the uneducated the $1,440 might have been enticing. Thanks for all you do, we owe you a dinner.

    1. You are quite welcome. In the "old" days one never knew if a well would hit oil. In the Bakken one can be pretty much guaranteed the well will hit oil. The only unknowns are how much oil and the price of oil. All indications are that the wells will keep getting better (up to a point, of course). Good luck. I hope they are huge wells. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for taking time to write.

    2. When Pocahontas bans fracking they’ll be worth zero. There’s a risk
      To holding and a risk to selling.

  2. Pocahontas will never be in a position to ban fracking, so there is that...
    PS Any attempt to ban any enterprise developed on private property is a proposition fraught with decades of lawsuits

    1. Actually, there are many, many, many ways to "ban" fracking without actually "banning fracking." Let's count the ways:
      moratorium on all new interstate pipelines and CBR
      moratorium on all new permits on federal land
      increase taxes on fossil fuels making a larger percentage of wells uneconomic (taxes in the guise of protecting the earth)
      ban flaring or tax flaring to point shale is uneconomic; even North Dakota started down that slippery slope
      use bully pulpit to encourage peaceful civil disobedience to disrupt drilling activities
      use bully pulpit to encourage states to push back on fracking
      New York has banned fracking; other states are making it increasingly difficult to drill (Colorado, California)
      even in New Mexico there is a movement to push back on the Permian
      So, yes, folks like Pocahontas are a lot more dangerous than one can even begin to imagine. She doesn't have to "ban" fracking to "kill" fracking.