Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Back To 60 Active Rigs In North Dakota -- October 2, 2019

NDIC hearing docket: one case for November 6, 2019.
Case 27124: Mach Energy, LLC, and M3 Resources, LLC, for an order rescinding their election to participate in drilling the STR1, #33148 ..... Petro Harvesting ...
Only one well coming off confidential list today -- let's see if NDIC can get it posted before 5:00 p.m.  Whatever. I think it will be a DUC -- Wednesday, October 2, 2019: 7 for the month; 7 for the quarter:
  • 34595, conf, Hess, EN-Weyrauch B-154-93-3031H-3, 
Active rigs:

Active Rigs6065573368

RBN Energy: Williams' Marcellus/Utica gas processing and fractionation assets. Archived.
During the 2010s, the Marcellus/Utica region has experienced an astonishing 16-fold increase in natural gas production, from 2 Bcf/d in early 2010 to more than 32 Bcf/d today.
The region’s rapid transformation from minor energy player to superstar came with a lot of infrastructure-related growing pains, many of them tied to the urgent need for more gas pipeline takeaway capacity. Takeaway constraints have largely been addressed — at least for now — but producers’ continuing efforts to develop “wet,” liquids-rich parts of the Marcellus/Utica have resulted in an ongoing requirement for more gas processing and fractionation capacity. Put simply, as wet-gas production ramps up, so must the region’s ability to process that gas and its associated natural gas liquids. Today, we continue a series on existing and planned gas processing and fractionation projects in the Northeast with a look at the growing role played by Williams and its new Canadian partner.

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