Friday, July 14, 2017

The Market Page, T+175 -- Coming Up To Trump's First Six Months -- Market Continues To Hit All-Time Hights -- July 14, 2017

Finally: after almost a week with no wells coming off the confidential list, two come off the list today

Ouch: 10-year bond -- drops below the "talked about floor" -- 2.3%. Currently 2.287%.

Market: third consecutive day of record-setting highs?

Finally: all that anxiety over Amazon being played down a bit. Some talking heads remind viewers of all the concern about Walmart years ago. From yesterday, an example of one analyst who seems to be a bit concerned about Amazon's affect on the overall economy. If sounds like he may need to get back on his meds. If the link is broken google - 'Amazonification' of Main St. is killing wages, causing Japan-like deflation, strategist says.

June industrial production: Rick Santelli is thrilled. Up 0.4% vs 0.3% forecast. Market reaction: looks like something moved the market futures (Dow) from positive to negative. I doubt it was the June industrial production data. Regardless, in early trading, Dow turned positive.

Top states for business, by CNBC criteria, in which educated workforce is a key factor.
  • Washington state, #1
  • Georgia, #2
  • Minnesota, #3
  • Texas, #4
Of interest:
  • North Dakota, #19; ranked #4 for both quality of life and "business-friendly environment"
  • New York, #38
  • Connecticut, #33
  • New Jersey, #32
  • Illinois, #31
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