Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump Looks To Be Favoring Mexico, Despite The Rhetoric More Pipelines Approved -- June 29, 2017

Trump loves Mexico. The US says it has issued permits for three more US-Mexico pipelines -- but no (?) movement on the Keystone XL. From Reuters, data points:
  • NuStar Logistics hit the trifecta
  • three NuStar pipelines given permits to cross the US-Mexico border
  • New Burgos Pipeline: 180,000 bbsl/day of "refined petroleum products"; will cross near Penitas, TX
  • two other pipelines, also; one also near Penitas, TX; the other near Laredo, TX -- will authorize a broader range of petroleum products
Mexican natural gas pipeline expansion -- EIA:

FERC: do we have a quorum? President Trump will apparently nominate a third member to the FERC. Google "turmoil FERC" at the blog for more; if the link does not break, this would be one place to start

Keystone XL dead: Canadian suppliers no longer have any interest in Keystone XL. Will be posted / linked later -- a Wall Street Journal article.
The Devil Sent You To Laredo

The Devil Sent You To Laredo, Baccara

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