Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Worth Reposting: "Holy Nightmare, Batman, What Do We Do Now?" -- March 22, 2017

From today:
Oil: drops to lowest price since November (2016) as US inventories swell. These are the only two numbers I need to know:
  • rebalancing: IEA sees 0.5 million bopd shortfall in oil production by end of 2017
  • US reserves: 500 million bbls (increased another 5 million bbls in latest report to 533 million bbls)
By the way, the most recent 5-million-bbl increase far outpaced the forecast of about half that amount -- 2.8 million bbls were forecast.

The 533 million bbls in US storage does not include the US SPR.
My hunch: the IEA will revise its figures before the end of the year, on the bearish side for the price of oil, i.e., the shortfall will be less than 0.5 million bopd, and could disappear altogether.

From an earlier post: This is the most recent graphic of Saudi Arabia's cash reserves:

Other Notes With Regard To Increasing Stocks Of Crude Oil

From UPI:
Producers in the United States are partially responsible for the current oversupply in oil. Global supply increased by 260,000 barrels per day in February, to 96.52 million barrels per day, and U.S. production is the highest it has been in a year, at 9.1 million barrels per day, roughly the amount Saudi Arabia produced in February.
Which reminds me -- whatever happened to Jane Nielson? From an earlier post:
This still remains one of my favorite posts. Jane Nielson says:
Frequent Internet users are getting emails about the Bakken Formation in North Dakota and Montana, supposedly a great oil bonanza just waiting to be tapped if only nasty enviros would let it happen. The emails and websites say that Bakken would solve all our petroleum “needs.” (What, me worry about  global warming?)
Don’t believe it. There’s some oil to be gotten out of Bakken, and it’s going to be exploited. But the “bonanza” is nothing but hype.
My favorite quote in ten years of blogging: "There's some oil to be gotten out of Bakken, and it's going to be exploited, But the 'bonanza' is nothing but hype."


  1. Why oil will stay lower. Libya is back. Iran can make more, Irag can make more, america can make much more. Opec, well are they willing as a whole to take one, two, three, or even four million barrels off the market? The only bright side is what will world wide economies do, will the need for oil ever grow more quickly.

    1. I agree, but it seems the more I read, the less I seem to understand about pricing of oil.