Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Poll: Where Is Price Of WTI Headed? -- March 15, 2017

From an earlier post:
From a post less than a month ago:
Dennis Gartman (CNBC contributor) who said oil would never see $55 again, turned bullish this week, suggesting one could see another $6 - $8 on the upside vs only $2 to $3 on the downside.
I don't particularly care for Dennis Gartman, but having said that, was he wrong or was he simply early in his suggesting that oil at $55 was the new floor?

Poll at the sidebar at the right:
Dennis Gartman:
  • was wrong; oil is falling to $45 and we won't see $60 for quite some time
  • was early: oil will be at $60 by end of the year

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