Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lynn Helms, NDIC, Talks About The Bakken -- The Williston Herald -- March 14, 2017

Link here.

Note comments regarding Marathon.

Reminder: articles in small regional newspapers tend to disappear after a few months or become accessible only through subscription.

Five data points that jumped out at me:
  • Break-even in the Bakken: "When we compare the fourth quarter of 2015 to 2016, we see break evens have dropped $9 to $20 a barrel."
  • DUCs: 800. This summer could be the summer of DUCs -- something I posted a few days ago, before I saw the Lynn Helms' soundbite.
  • Fringe: the fringe is becoming more productive, though too few wells to make more definitive statement
  • Three Forks: produces water 1.5 to oil; vs 0.77 for a Bakken well
  • Natural gas-to-crude oil ratio: increases as crude oil depletes; pressure lessens

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