Friday, March 24, 2017

Correlation Between Academic Scores In US and Births Paid For By Medicaid? -- March 24, 2017

Recently I posted US academic data (high school SAT scores).

Today, reports that a huge percentage of births in the US are paid for by Medicaid. North Dakota, by the way, is at the "right" end of the table on this one.

One wonders whether there is a correlation.

Waylon Jennings

A comment on Waylon Jennings from a YouTube video in which Waylon Jennings appears:
When Jessi Colter and Waylon Jennings looked at each other. ... there is more sensuality in their looks than any raunchy old porno. They were such a great fit together.
I just finished his son's book about life with Waylon and without Jessi he surely would not have lived past 45.
Everyone talks about John and June as a great love story ( and they were) but these two were just as great. People forget that Jessi literally put her career on the shelf to keep Waylon alive (his words). The fact that when he got clean he showered her with affection and praise. I just read that Waylon died on February 13. The very next day Jessi received a dozen roses at her door. How's that for a love story?


  1. Bruce, You have to be kidding. I would bet 100 mineral acres against $100.00 that the correlation is 100% correct.

    1. I try hard not to be controversial (LOL) so that's why I asked the question the way I did. But as soon as I saw the stats regarding Medicaid/births and then remembering the Mark Perry data, it was incredibly obvious.

      But, wow, wasn't that Medicaid/birth data incredible. (That's rhetorical; I'm not expecting a reply.)

      It would be nice to see Mark Perry provide a Venn diagram with this data/correlation.