Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Reason #1 Why I Love To Blog -- The Links Readers Send Me; 59 Degrees Below Zero In Alaska -- Thank Goodness For Global Warming (Otherwise A Lot Colder) -- January 18, 2017

This may be the best story I've seen in a long, long time.

A huge thanks to the reader who sent me this. This is really "good" on so many levels.

Link to "My North Dakota Now" here.

Something tells me this idea may work for moving some of the equipment that is being moved on "sleds" out on the oil well pads.

Cleaning Out The "In-Box" Before Calling It A Night

The Wall is being built: the Obama Wall. Good fences make good neighbors. I guess "open borders" are good as long as they are in Texas.

Fox News ratings soar as Tucker Carlson takes over for Megyn. Don't you just love seeing "soar," "ratings," and Fox News all in one sentence."

Global warming is saving Alaskans from - 60 degree weather. Link here. From The Drudge Report:

Kinder Morgan (pipeline) misses estimates; shares plunge. 3%.

UnitedHealthcare 4Q16 EPS surge 64%on increased enrollment. Does the GOP really want to scrap ObamaCare? Once the big insurers figure out ObamaCare ... oh, that's right ... wasn't United Healthcare one of the first to start scrapping ObamaCare. Can't remember. Need to check, but I think I'm right.

George Michael killed by "crack cocaine." Did anyone not already suspect that?

Some folks are upset that some of Trump's cabinet nominees have limited government experience. Wasn't this the extent of the current POTUS' government resume: "junior senator from Illinois; one term." Can't remember. Need to check, but I think I'm correct. If not, not far off.

Seven years, 363 days into Obama's presidency: the "Fed" gives the US economy a "clean bill of health." Okay to start raising rates. Fast and furious. 

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