Monday, May 16, 2016

Nothing About The Bakken; Simply ... May 16, 2016

Stuttering Mess

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I've been watching Pannebaker's 1968 Monterey Pop Festival DVD.

On any given night, I might pick a different "act" to call the "best." Tonight it happens to be Otis Redding's "I've Been Loving You Too Long." Wow.

And then I read the comments. Had it not been for the blog I would not have known about the Swampers. I've long forgotten who alerted me to the Swampers but whoever it was, a huge "thank you."

I have about a dozen music DVDs; they are the best of the best. And one of them is of Muscle Shoals; I never would have known of Muscle Shoals had I not blogged about Sam Phillips. Someone saw the post and said if I enjoyed the Sam Phillips DVD, I would love Muscle Shoals. That was so true; it became one of my favorites. Tonight, when I went to YouTube to see Otis Redding, someone said he did most of his good stuff with the Swampers. Incredible. It comes full circle.

So, there you have it. I could quit now, but I'm in the mood to let a stream of consciousness take over.

Otis Redding

I had a close friend some time ago. She said it best: "No, I don't think about suicide. But often I wish I could just fall asleep and not wake up again." Having been so lucky to have experienced the '60's I often think that if I fell asleep and never woke up, at least I saw the '60's. If that makes sense. It helps me put things into perspective.

Stand By Me, Ben E King

I see oil futures this evening have oil over $48 (WTI).

Can you believe this, OKC Thunder stuns Golden State Warriors, 108 - 102, at Sacramento? Wow.

Someone suggested it was time for another road trip; I agree. But I can't leave Sophia.

These are called "first world problems":
The [Baltimore] Ravens had "a five-minute period on May 6 [2015] when rookies and first-year players suited up in pads during a non-contact punt protection drill.

That's against the rules and the NFL will investigate.
According to Hensley's story, the Ravens thought rookie minicamps had different rules than regular OTA practices (so .... they've been violating the CBA for five years?) and pulled the players off the field after Ravens union rep Ben Watson offered some clarification.
If it was just five minutes, that's very easy to confirm because all practices are filmed. But it's still impossible to believe the Ravens had no idea that rookie minicamp wasn't under the same rules about padded practices as the rest of the OTA work.
It's not a new coaching staff and it's not a new rule, either. Maybe it's not a coincidence it happened with rookies who might not know any better. It might have only been five minutes, and maybe it was an honest mistake, but it'll be easy for the NFL to determine if the Ravens broke a longstanding rule. That five minutes could end up being pretty costly.
 And I thought "deflategate" was blown out of proportion. 

Obviously we're not going anywhere with this tonight. See you all tomorrow.

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