Friday, December 28, 2012

Looks Like OXY USA Will Have A Nice Well in Murphy Creek

21685, conf, OXY USA, Scott 2-7-6H-143-95, Murphy Creek oil field, no IP yet, but produced > 21,000 barrels of oil in first month of production (first month is seldom a full month)

Mambo Italiano, Ysabella Brave


  1. Maybe OXY is getting things figured out?

    Drove by a very nice what looked like a decent sized office building with OXY engraved in sandstone at entrance just north of Dickenson a few days ago after a visit to Killdeer. Looks like they plan on being there for a while based on the building they built.

    1. I sure hope so. Especially for the mineral rights owners.

      It seems it is still a surprise with OXY USA whether they get a great well or they don't but the trend has certainly improved. Yes, I hope it continues. Thank you for taking time to comment. Especially the information about their location in Dickinson; very interesting.

    2. I think some of early mishaps were that they were on the edge of the bakken which simply wasn't producible, and that they reported very small IP's in areas that were producible when later it was producing much better when things were opened up. If Anonymous is around how is Killdeer looking these days?

    3. That may be correct, but OXY USA bought Anschutz acreage, and Anschutz had some outstanding wells. It was quite remarkable how good Anschutz wells were, and then quite remarkable how "bad" the OXY USA wells were.

      I tracked them here:

      But lately it seems they are getting better, but still hit and miss to some extent. But that's just anecdotal, no statistical analysis, per se.