Monday, April 9, 2012

New Poll: Are You Interested in the Eagle Ford?

It's time for a new poll.

Results of the current poll regarding likelihood of US releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve:
  • Yes, no question: 30%
  • Yes, only if gasoline > $5/gallon: 28%
  • No, unless gasoline > $6/gallon: 12%
  • No, unless shooting war in Mideast halts "all" exports: 18%
  • No, not under any circumstances: 11%
I will go out on a limb and suggest that 70% of those responding feel the US will not be releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the near term (this summer): I doubt gasoline will > $5 gallon, and I doubt a shooting war will halt "all" Saudi oil.

Now, for the new poll: what percent of readers are interested in the Eagle Ford?

I ask this question because I think the Eagle Ford will become a bigger play in terms of production than the Bakken over time. I believe the Eagle Ford covers a larger area, and is thicker. The Eagle Ford will become the biggest competitor for Bakken resources (fracking sand, rigs, personnel).

Regardless of the outcome of the poll, I won't be following the Eagle Ford any more closely than I do now. I don't have the time or resources, and I am emotionally attached to the Bakken, where I grew up. Interestingly, I now call San Antonio home.

I know many (majority?) of my readers are also interested in the activity in Montana but I don't have the time or resources to follow it more closely than I already to. Sorry.


  1. Any good suggestions for following the Eagle Ford or Montana?

  2. There used to be a site I often went to for other shale formation information but I can't find it now or don't recognize it. Maybe it has updated its appearance.

    I say that because this site looks like it might be a good start:

    and it seems to be what I remember, but in a different format.

    We will see what others have to say.

    Remember, Montana does have several different "plays" and is a "bigger" subject than the "Bakken" per se or the "Eagle Ford" per se. I see Montana as five segments:

    a) Williston Basin Bakken
    b) Alberta Basin Bakken
    c) Non-Bakken oil
    d) Natural gas plays
    5) Spill-over from the Williston Basin Bakken

  3. Hi Bruce, I to grew up in ND and have family ties and minerals there but now call TX home{Corpus Christi}. I do have some interest in the Eagle Ford, but only in how it relates to the Bakken, as far as the building of infastructure goes and how people see it changing their lives. Lot of building going on down here right now especially South of SA on I37. Lot of big corporate offices and yards. Keep up the good work, love your blog.

    1. My wife and I love Corpus Christi. We would go down on the weekend and stay at one of the high-right hotels overlooking the bay, and then we found the Navy station.

      We loved the restaurants, but it was the early morning drive to Rockport to catch the boat to go birding in the autumn and the spring that we loved best.

      I have the same feelings: I am interested to see how the Eagle Ford plays out, compared to the Bakken, but the Bakken will always be my center.

  4. I did not realize that MT consisted of these 5 plays. I see future suprises in the MT developments since there is so much yet to be discovered in many untapped regions of this State. Eastern MT is nearing the bullseye for some heavy activity. By the years 2014-2015, this State could be involved in some serious developments.

    1. Others may not see these "5 plays" but I have to organize things to help keep everything straight. I also wanted to make sure folks realized there was a lot more to oil and gas in Montana than just an extension of the Williston Basin.