Thursday, September 18, 2014

Links To The Presentations Of The Recent Williston Economic Summit -- September 18, 2014


September 19, 2014: comments on the "Port of Vancouver" presentation.

September 18, 2014: early comments on the proposed new airport, see comments below.

Original Post

 A reader sent me this link to the recent Williston Economic Summit, with links to the presentations. There are too many to go through at any one sitting, so over time, I will go through the presentations, and, perhaps, post some high points for the archives.

This is really quite impressive; a big "thank you" to the reader who sent me this link.

Those Who Forget The Past Are Condemned ...

This is quite incredible. The other day a reader sent me a comment suggesting that we are back to where Lyndon was several decades ago with regard to Vietnam ... personally picking targets for the Air Force.

So, it was quite incredible to note this headline in the Los Angeles Times this evening:  airstrike list awaits Obama after Congress OKs Syria plan. That's the headline.

Whether he does or doesn't is not the issue. It's all about perception.


  1. They don't show a very good rendering of the new airport terminal, but if they construct what is proposed in the is 3 levels...2 above ground and 1 level beneath the terminal and drop off and pickup lanes. It appears passengers who park in the short term - long term parking lot and would enter the terminal UNDER the street through tunnels and come out from below the terminal. Could be a nice interesting change for Williston. Also Allegiant air wants to come to Williston, but can't until the new runway gets built that can handle the weight of the larger planes according to the site. I'm guessing the new airport will mean larger planes and more flights in and out to hubs like Houston, Dallas, Denver, Mpls., etc...

    1. You are ahead of me, thank you.

      It looks like the preferred location "E" is several miles to the northwest of Williston. Whatever location is selected, it will certainly draw new retail to that area. It certainly puts all those hotels that are practically new, built during the boom, next to the current airport, at risk, I would think, although that's not uncommon in other evolving metropolitan areas. Probably one or two new hotels out at the airport (Holiday Express, e.g.).