Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Where In The World Is Amad? -- January 22, 2019


February 21, 2019: update here; about a week from its destination, South Korea.

February 2, 2019: aha! After losing Amad for a few week, the VLCC has been spotted off the eastern coast of South Africa. Tracked here, the Amad is about "halfway there." Position shown in the screenshot below was received January 31, 2019.

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I don't know. You can track Amad here. Since the last update, no further "free" updates (for a price, one can get satellite updates). I assume the Amad is well into the Atlantic Ocean. Bound for KR YOS -- Port of Yeosu, Korea. ETA: February 26, 2019.

From Platts, re-posting, from January 8, 2019:
What appears to be the first Very Large Crude Carrier of the year to load and depart from the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port is bound for Yeosu, South Korea, according to cFlow, Platts trade flow software.

The 2 million barrel-capacity Amad set sail from LOOP on Sunday after arriving there on December 27. The vessels’ destination of Yeosu is home to the 785,000 b/d GS Caltex re finery, which runs mainly light and medium sour crudes.

LOOP first started exporting crude on VLCCs in February 2018 and averaged loading about one a month for the remainder of the year. LOOP exported 1.94 million barrels of crude oil in February 2018, which was the first month of LOOP exports, according to data from the state of Louisiana. In September, which is the most recent data available, LOOP exported 1.99 million barrels.

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