Monday, December 10, 2018

Here We Go -- How To Spend The Legacy Fund Money -- December 10, 2018

Something to rival:
  • the Obama presidential library in Chicago?
  • the Egyptian pyramids?
  • Mount Rushmore?
  • the Smithsonian in Washington, DC?
  • the Monticello in Georgetown, Maryland?

From The Bismarck Tribune:
Plans for a $150 million Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum got a big boost from the bully pulpit in Bismarck when Gov. Doug Burgum proposed investing heavily in the project.
Burgum advocates tapping the state's Legacy Fund earnings to contribute $50 million to jump-start what he calls “North Dakota’s Mount Rushmore,” a center that would be built near a revamped entrance in Medora to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
“We have an opportunity to do something that no other state has done,” Burgum told The Forum Editorial Board. “This would be a flagship opportunity.”
So much for the "natural wonder" of the park. LOL. 

The good news for faux environmentalists: it appears the monolith would obstruct the "view" of the nearby refinery.

If lit at night, the museum would be seen from space, outshining the flaring oil wells. 


  1. I'm always surprised with how ego seemingly plays into big decisions. Leaders will make poor decisions driven by the idea that they've left their mark with something attention grabbing or thought to be long-lasting.

    Adjusted for inflation, Mount Rushmore cost $17 million. Although the economics of the past are so different these comparisons are tough. This continuous strange project to turn ND into a tourist destination makes little sense. Play to your strengths. Personally, I'd focus on projects that make ND a good place for people who live and work there long-term. Going after the RV market is harebrained.

    1. Agree completely. This is incredibly foolhardy.

  2. the Ancient cultural artifacts from the past of the Lakota, Crow and who knows how many more tribes will impede the progress of moving any ounce of soil. don

    1. In this case, I hope they win. There's something about the natural beauty of the park that would be lost with a $50 million facade. I don't think the Grand Canyon even has something this baroque.