Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wells To Watch When Two MRO Wells Come Off Confidential LIst Today -- November 16, 2017

With these two wells coming off confidential list today,
  • 33403, conf, MRO, Stroup 34-7TFH, Bailey, no production data, 
  • 33400, conf, MRO, Ernst 14-7TFH, Bailey, no production data,
These are the wells to watch. One is off-line now, but in three to six months they will be back on line and then we will see new production data:
  • 16715, 463, MRO, Kevin Buehner 11-18H, Bailey, t10/107; cum 345K 9/17; API: 33-025-00644; cased hole, 560,800 lbs;
  • 16992, off-line/IA/149, MRO, Kevin Buehner 31-18H, Bailey, , t8/08; cum 165K 9/17; API: 33-025-00709, cased hole, 80,000 lbs (no typo -- 80,000 lbs)
The graphic:

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