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Slawson's Torpedo Pad -- Van Hook -- August 1, 2017


August 23, 2017: one thing native Americans are good at -- refusing to participate in planning meetings ,and then suing -- arguing they were not consulted. See Williston Herald. It gets a bit tedious.

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This is an interesting story on many levels. For me it was a reminder of Slawson's Torpedo pad near New Town, where it will drill ten wells under Lake Sakakawea. From The Bismarck Tribune:
This summer, Slawson is drilling two oil wells to the east of the recreation area, which visitors drive by as they enter the park.
After the company is finished drilling there, anticipated in the coming weeks, the rig will move to the opposite end of the park and remain for about a year as crews drill an additional 10 wells to access oil under Lake Sakakawea, said Eric Sundberg, environmental and regulatory manager.
The larger well site, known as the Torpedo pad, is about 800 feet from Lake Sakakawea and adjacent to a boat launch area, which Ritts said attracts as many as 150 to 200 boats on a busy weekend.
Slawson recently installed a 32-foot sound barrier wall around this site, the first time such a wall has been used in North Dakota, to muffle the noise from drilling and completion work, Sundberg said. The wall will be removed after the wells are completed.
I assume the current well under discussion being drilled is:
  • 29621, drl, Slawson, Lunker Federal 1 SLH, Big Bend, Latitude: 47.949970 Longitude: -102.345548
From the NDIC map:

One can go to  Google maps, plug in latitude/longitude and track progress (though Google satellite views will be greatly delayed. When using Google maps, this is how you put lat/long into Google search: 47.949970,  -102.345548.

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