Friday, July 14, 2017

Wow, I'm Irritated -- But In A Good Way -- July 14, 2017

I leave home for a few hours and am now away from cable television and I see that the stock market indices all soared to close the day:
  • S&P 500: up 11 points
  • Dow 30: up an astounding 115 points before dropping back to an 85-point gain for another record close (on top of previous record-setting highs)
  • Nasdaq: up over 38 points
I would love to hear what CNBC naysayers have to say about the Trump rally now. Traders must have finally paid attention to Jamie Dimon.

From an April 2, 2017, post, from a March 29, 2017 interview, the Fed: at T+70, the US is in a "Goldilocks" economy.

Hmmm, T+70 then. T+175 now and the market is hitting record-setting highs. "Sell in May, go away" may not have been the best advice back in March. My two favorite posts in the past two weeks:
Irritated? Cry Me A River

In addition to everything else, perhaps the best camera work ever. 

Cry Me A River, Mad Dogs and Englishmen</center>

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