Monday, July 10, 2017

Vern Whitten Aerial Photography -- July 10, 2017

Link here. That link works fine for me; Vern says the link may not work for some mobile devices; if so, try this link: ttp://

Forty (40) photos.

Throughout the slide show:
  • note all the new buildings (hospitals, high schools, air terminals)
  • note the new runways
#2: Solo pumper in the neighborhood, Dickinson
#12: Lewis and Clark Bridge, Missouri River, SW of Williston
#14: Williston Rec Center
#15: Williston High School
#18: 24 wells on one pad?
#19: active fracking operation ("frack slide")
#22: look at the size of that rig -- the pumpers are huge, so one can imagine how huge the rig is
#32, 33, 34: build it; they will come in; a different kind of "pad"
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