Monday, July 24, 2017

The Energy And Market Page, T+185 -- July 24, 2017


July 25, 2017: update on "today's joke": oil rises 1% after Saudi "vows" to cap crude exports next month. Russia continues to support cuts; OPEC putting pressure on Nigeria.

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Today's joke: this came via a John Kemp tweet -- OPEC and non-OPEC promise to try harder to reduce exports and cut excess global inventories (wink, wink). 

Halliburton beats forecasts; 23 cents vs 19 cents forecast.

Payday! KKR to pay $66.50 / share for WebMD; $2.8 billion deal.

Mission Impossible: OPEC's goal to "sustain" oil prices -- whatever that means.

Reality sucks: it's still incredibly hard to build an EV startup -- "green energy site." I only read the opening line and the first thought that came to mind: Tesla sucked all the venture capital out of the EV sector. No wonder it's "incredibly hard" to build an EV startup.

Even China has a gasoline, diesel problem (too much): China announces surge in gasoline, diesel exports to ease domestic glut.

The Rock teams with Apple's Siri -- FBN.

Mike Filloon: anticipating today's OPEC meeting.  Interests me not.

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The Sports Page

Did anyone even watch the final stage of the bicycle race in France?

The Jordan Spieth highlights winning The Open were simply incredible -- the birdies and the eagle on the last five holes. The Wall Street Journal view.

And, of course,  the NASCAR race at Indianapolis -- all six hours of it -- was the frosting on the cake, won by Kasey Kahne, taking on Keselowski ("Pat, I'd like to buy a 'k'.") mano a mano and winning. The big race: to beat the setting sun -- Indianapolis has no lights; cannot race at night.

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