Monday, June 19, 2017

Global Warming Notes -- June 19, 2017

I didn't see rain in today's forecast when I checked the weather forecast last night (less than 24 hours ago). But now I hear thunder (and now I see lightning -- one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one-thousand -- two miles....):

But I do know that the science is settled: the earth will be 1.74534 degrees warmer in one hundred years. The "degrees": I think that's Celsius but don't quote me on that.

By the way, for some "non-fake" news on global warming, be sure to check in on this website at least once a week.

I assume my electricity will go out any moment (due to the electrical storm) and loss of internet will soon follow. Whatever.

Good luck to everyone.

Speaking of Global Warming ... Now It's A Coffee Shortage

From the BBC:
Coffee drinkers could face poorer-tasting, higher-priced brews, as a warming climate causes the amount of land suitable for coffee production to shrink, say scientists from London’s Kew Gardens.
Coffee production in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the high quality Arabica coffee bean and Africa’s largest exporter, could be in serious jeopardy over the next century unless action is taken, according to a report, published today.
“In Ethiopia and all over the world really, if we do nothing there will be less coffee, it will probably taste worse and will cost more,” Dr Aaron Davis, coffee researcher at Kew and one of the report’s authors, told the BBC.
Wow, pulling out all the stops, these idiots.

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