Tuesday, May 9, 2017

You're Fired! Trump Fires Comey -- For The Archives -- May 9, 2017


May 11, 2017: once the media established the "alt-left" narrative a lot of folks who supported Trump's decision, changed their mind. Whatever. Rosie -- remember her -- classic battle between Rosie and Donald -- she tweeted some months ago: "Fire Comey." Trump re-tweeted Rosie's tweet -- suggesting that he and she finally agree on something. LOL. But now, she, too, changes her tune. LOL.

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Most happy? Yup, you guessed it. Hillary.

News now coming in that both sides of the political spectrum are supportive. Feinstein supports the decision. The press seems to be confused by the timing. The timing is very straightforward.

Precedent: President Clinton fired William Sessions in the middle of his tenure. Perfectly legal.

Even Senator Schumer is perplexed how to handle this. Schumer is on record questioning Comey's handling of Clinton e-mail investigation; now Senator Schumer is suggesting that he never suggested that Comey be fired. A typical politician.

Later, about six hours after the firing: it's pretty much agreed by nine out of ten folks, Comey had to go. Now, the alt-left press is looking for reasons to support Comey, and, in all honesty, they (the press) look pretty silly. But by tomorrow morning, the narrative will have changed: Comey was the  victim. Notwithstanding his statement (under oath?) that Hillary Clinton forwarded 100's of thousands of classified e-mails to Huma (when, in fact, it was a handful). [And even that handful of classified e-mails was not enough for Comey to convene a grand jury. He was the investigator, prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, and jury on that one.]

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