Thursday, May 4, 2017

Surge Seen In CBR From 2017 - 2021 -- Daily Oil Bulletin -- May 4, 2017

Original article at Daily Oil Bulletin. Someone posted, apparently, the entire article over at Investor Village. Archived.

The Bakken is mentioned often in that article as is DAPL.

For the record, I don't buy it: I don't see any surge in CBR out of Canada between now and 2020.

But if one buys into it, these things support the thesis:
  • huge CAPEX deferral / cancellations since 2014 could result in huge demand/supply imbalance by 2020
  • political environment won't permit (m)any new crude oil pipelines in the US
  • Canada unlikely to connect any pipelines to their western ports in the next several years
  • Enbridge could lose a huge pipeline: Enbridge Line 5
Enbridge might want to start investing in CBR rather than wind. Just saying. 

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