Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hyperdrive -- Toyota's US Operations Headquarters Set To Start Moving In Next Week -- May 13, 2017

Some time ago, Toyota announced it was moving its North American operations from Torrance, CA, to Plano, Texas. The amount of construction / activity in Plano this past year has been incredible even to the casual drive going down the George Bush Turnpike.

My wife told me earlier this evening that folks working at the new operations center will start moving in this week. I don't know. I might not have the story exactly right, but that's what my wife says she read.

So, let's see hat a google search will do: "Alexa, when do Toyota employees start to move into Plano operations center."

From communityimpact: Toyota employees to start moving in May 15, 2017, at North American headquarters in Plano. Data points:
  • the company will begin moving  about 250 team members and corporate partners per week
  • Legacy Wet, Plano
  Maybe President Trump should schedule a photo-op.

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