Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blast From The Past -- A New Featured Post At The Sidebar At The Right -- May 18, 2017

Link here to the post. Some very, very nice Enerplus wells.

Speaking of Enerplus, it seems the company is doing some re-fracking. This well, and other wells on the same pad, are at this link.

The Literature Page

Having just finished the most recent (?) biography of Bram Stoker, I was eager to pick up a copy of Dracula. On its summer reading table, Barnes and Noble had any number of titles available for $5.00 (with membership, a 10% discount).

I don't recall having ever read the original book. Which is sort of hard to believe. I have often thought that there is a direct line between Dracula and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Skimming through the book while waiting to pay for it, I happened to come across a single line -- two words, in fact -- that supports that thought -- a direct line between Rocky and Dracula.

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