Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Political Page, T+66 -- March 28, 2017

DAPL: oil is running into pipeline under the Missouri River -- Dickinson Press.

MoCare: now we will see just how serious Ryan was about repealing ObamaCare.

ObamaCare - RyanCare - MoCare - WhoCares? Ted Poe exits House Freedom Caucus.

Polls: Why Trump's approval ratings don't matter -- The New York Post. And, of course, the writer fails to mention the #1 reason why Trump's approval ratings don't matter. Or the #2 reason. Or the #3 reason.

Minnesota minimum wage? Servers in Minneapolis averaging nearly $30/hour.

Consumer confidence: soars to highest reading in 16 years -- two lost decades (George W Bush; and Barack Obama) coming to an end.  Dow up 150 points; NASDAQ up 35 points; and, oil up 1.3%.

Make America Great: Fox News dominates cable news ratings for the 61st consecutive quarter. Let's see, 61/4 = 15 years. Is that correct? Fox News has dominated cable news for more than 15 years! Wow!. In the most recent polling, CNN "was a distant second," and MSNBC trailed CNN and perhaps only because of a cult following at one particular news hour.

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