Friday, March 3, 2017

Reminiscing On A Friday Night; Nothing About The Bakken -- March 3, 2017

 The Katie Ledecky Page

Sets another American record; the 19-year-old went faster in the 500-yard freestyle than Ryan Lochte ever did before the age of 22 -- February 24, 2017.

Wins two races by a combined 48 seconds at a dual meet with USC -- January 30, 2017.
Ledecky took the 1,000-yard freestyle in 9:12.32. Runner-up Megan Byrnes, also a Stanford freshman, touched 36 seconds later in 9:48.68. Ledecky lapped everyone in the seven-swimmer race and was seven seconds from lapping the last-place finisher twice.
It’s easier to lap swimmers in NCAA races than at the Olympics. NCAA pools are 25 yards long. Olympic pools are 50 meters.
About 53 minutes later, Ledecky won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:34.98. Another Stanford freshman, Katie Drabot, took second in 4:47.00.
Both of Ledecky’s times Saturday were slower than her NCAA records of 9:08.4 and 4:26.46 set in November, 2016.

The linked article below is so incredibly good. Our younger daughter sent it to me. She said it explains why she collects Lego sets and Monopoly games.

Over at the Huntington Post.

Our younger daughter:
  • born in North Dakota, Grand Forks AFB
  • at six months of age, to Bitburg AB, Germany
  • at three years of age, to RAF Lakenheath, England, attends British pre-school
  • at six years of age, to Bitburg AB, Germany (again); attends German school
  • at nine years of age, to Rhein-Main AB, Germany; American school
  • at ten years of age, to Incirlik, Turkey; American school on Turkish base
  • at twelve years of age, to Alabama (southern US); to public school
  • at fourteen years of age, to Virginia (southern US); to private school
  • at sixteen years of age, to San Antonio (paradise)
  • at eighteen years of age, South Dakota, university
The things that connected her to all those places: Lego sets and Monopoly games

Stuff in the house:
  • lots of Germany stuff
  • Decci dolls from Sardinia, Italy
  • porcelain / china from England
  • pottery from Suffolk, England
  • coins from most countries in Europe, Japan
Maybe, Later

California bullet train: small, initial, "easy" segment needs another $300 million 

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