Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bureaucracy-101: January 28, 2017

The US agency that regulates pipelines: FERC. Data points:
  • composed of five presidential-appointed / Senate confirmed commissioners
  • all positions not always filled; currently only three commissioners
  • a quorum (three commissioners) is needed to conduct business
  • President Trump elevated a "junior" commissioner to head the agency
  • this action by Trump, apparently, miffed the "senior" commissioner who was passed over
  • the "senior" commissioner -- being miffed, tendered his/her resignation
  • FERC will have two commissioners for most of 2017
  • with only two commissioners, the FERC cannot conduct business (they need three members for a quorum)
Currently, the three commissioners: two women and a man.

Guess whether Trump appointed a woman or the male to be the head of the agency?

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