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Democracy Is Coming To The USA -- Leonard Cohen -- November 14, 2016


Later, 7:32 p.m. Central Time: diminished. That's the word that first came to mind when listening to the Obama press conference in Greece. The last time Obama made an international trip he said a) Trump was unfit to be president; and, b) that Trump would not be elected. Now Obama is eating crow: Trump has been elected president, and Obama has not reiterated that Trump is unfit for office. He is now reassuring the EU, NATO, and European allies that "everything will be okay" under Trump. Obama said this the same day a) GOP members in Congress were falling all over themselves to be the first in line to say they want to work with Trump; and, b) the stock market had the fifth consecutive day setting all-time highs. Obama looked "diminished." Talk about the "JV team." In less than seven days, Obama and his administration look like the JV team and the all-stars are about to enter the arena.

Later, 7:29 p.m. Central Time. The Los Angeles continues the spin. This headline: Donald Trump's transition team loses a key figure as  he struggles to find his footing.

Talk about naïve. Slanted. Untrue. Inaccurate. Spin.
You have to read several paragraphs into the story to discover that the individual removed from Trump's transition team was a Chris Christie operative. Time for him to go. "You're fired." I love it: Trump is cleaning his own house.

Original Post
President Trump mentioned his "top 3 issues" on 60 Minutes on which he will focus. The tea leaves suggest:
  • every executive order issued by the Obama administration affecting the oil and gas industry will be reviewed by the new Interior Secretary; within 100 days he will act / not act on each of those executive orders
  • there will be lots of talk about trade wars but that talk will fade over time
  • all that silly talk about banning fracking is now off the table
  • all that silly talk about global warming is now off the table inside the White House
  • enthusiasm for wind and solar energy -- for so many reasons -- will fade away
  • the military will see a huge infusion of money for the active duty
  • no more bowing to foreign leaders; he will look them squarely in the eyes with a firm handshake
  • law-abiding illegal aliens have nothing to fear in the first Trump administration
  • illegal aliens with any outstanding warrant -- including unpaid parking tickets -- will start leaving the US in droves (we won't hear about that) 
  • the US will re-negotiate from a position of a) a level playing field; and, b) from an "American first" doctrine
  • the EPA will have a new head, and new marching orders
  • the attorney general will be pushed to look into illegal voting in several states
  • tax reform will be high on his agenda
  • if GOP in the House does not "play ball" Trump will have plenty of allies on the other side of the aisle; I get the feeling he won't spend a lot of time spinning his wheels
Democracy Is Coming To America

The meme that Hillary won the popular vote will be found to be untrue/inaccurate once the secretaries of the 52 states and the District of Columbia verify the legitimacy of the voters. Three million votes were likely cast by illegal aliens. It won't amount to a hill of beans in the national election, but the 60,000 felons voting in Virginia gave that state's electoral votes to Trump. See also the "popular vote" note posted at this site on November 15, 2016.

Democracy, Leonard Cohen

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