Monday, July 4, 2016

WOW! Kevin Durant To Join The Warriors! -- July 4, 2016

Two-year, $54 million contract.

The Gay 20's are coming.

Poor Shots?


July 5, 2016: 60+ people shot in Chicago over the weekend. Twelve shot in 15 hours. Apparently only four were fatally shot. 

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Hey, Chicago: at least 32 reportedly shot so far this July 4, 2016 weekend. And it's barely even noon, Monday. Must have been quite a weekend. The good news: most of these were flesh wounds; only one man was actually killed.
Dozens of people have been shot in Chicago since the start of the Fourth of July weekend despite increased police attention in the areas known for the most violence.
Between Sunday afternoon and early Monday alone, 12 people were shot in a 14-hour span. The paper reported 32 were shot over the entire weekend so far. One man was killed.
After a month in which nearly 15 people were shot every day, Chicago Police announced a July 4 weekend show of force that included thousands more officers on the streets, officers toting high-powered weapons at airports and teams of officers patrolling the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, tourist attractions, train stations and parks.
Teslas: The Home Battery

I actually hope this works. It's a very clever concept.

Charge your Tesla at work -- for free or for pennies.

Then drive home and use the Tesla batteries to power one's solar-powered home at night.

Connect the dots here.

Whether it's cost effective or not, whether it cuts emissions or not, whether it makes anyone millions or not, it's a clever concept: using Tesla batteries as the storage battery for home solar.

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