Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tomorrow's News Tonight -- August 1, 2014

The Wall Street Journal

"Hiring settles into steady gains." Okay.

P&G to shed more than half its brands. Okay.

Wow. Warren Buffett's Berkshire posts record quarterly profit: the "mutual fund" reported a 41% jump in earnings ties to gains at it railroad, energy, and other businesses. "Other businesses"?  Most likely it was mostly railroad and energy.

CBR and volatile crude oil? How about this? Lithium batteries constitute one of the big safety queseitn facing the aviation industry. In the US alone, the FAA lists 17 significant incidents with batteries on passenger planes in the past decade.

The Los Angeles Times

CBR and volatile crude oil? How about this? Bus, light-rail collisions in San Francisco leave 40 injured.

P&G to slash about 100 brands.


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