Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update on Epping Colt Oil Loading Rail Terminal -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA


A reader provides this update: The Colt terminal seems to be progressing. Iwas through there a couple days ago. It looked like they were digging to connect to the old railroad tracks that run by the elevator. Three large tanks are up, but not done though. i can't tell if the tracks are on the embankments. -- November 19, 2011 Comment: that sounds about the same as the terminal at Trenton.

M-1-19H provides this update: I believe it is a company called Rangeland Energy; in place by December, 2011: 20-mile oil transmission pipeline to Williams Co. Storage on site,on site tankage, and served by BNSF. Contact 303-320-6242 need more info. -- November 19, 2011

Original Query
I received this comment seeking update:
Do any of the Brooklyn folks know how the Epping Colt Terminal is coming along? We passed it in August, and it appeared the ground had been broken, but not a lot of evidence of tank farms underway.

The only articles found are from early this year, and gut says they have a ways to go with construction.

Believe CLR has gas lines already in place in Brooklyn and rumors indicate an oil pipeline is also in the planning stage. Anyone have status of oil or gas gathering (pipelines) infrastructure in Brooklyn and where it runs to (e.g., Colt)?
If I get a chance, and it quits snowing, I may take a ride out there. I'm not sure where it is, but it must be near the railroad line. Smile.

Along that same line, the Trenton oil loading terminal is coming along; the oval track is laid.

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