Tuesday, November 26, 2019

EOR -- Natural Gas Injection -- NDIC Approves Pilot Study -- November 26, 2019

Link here. Hess is proposing the project to target newer Bakken wells near Ross in Mountrail County. From the link:
  • foam and natural gas
  • in place of CO2 which is already used in some parts of the state
  • if it works, the idea would spread quickly
  • "would immediately end the flaring problem"

XTO: EOR Pilot Operation -- Injection Wells

Case 28131, (not a permit) from November 21, 2019:
  • XTO
  • Cedar Coulee- Bakken
  • section 33-148-96 and section 4-147-96
  • to use existing wells in these sections as injection wells for an EOR pilot operation 
  • wells: #25332, #25333, #25334, $25335, #16914 (these area all big wells; worth taking another look)
Case 28132, (not a permit) from November 21, 2019:
  • XTO
  • Bear Creek
  • sections 27/34-148-96
  • use existing wells as injection wells for an EOR pilot operation
  • wells: #32502, #32501, #32500, #32499, #32481, #32480, #32479, #32367, #32366, #29673, #29672, #29871 (these are huge wells; worth taking another look)
Area of interest:


  1. 1. The EOR pilot is a hopeful sign. Glad to see the experiment. Hope it does better than the EOG EOR attempt from many years ago. Curious how the Liberty attempt did also.

    2. I hate the discussion in the linked article about getting creative and looking for a market for H2S. It's a waste product and the cost of cleanup is well higher than the cost of the equipment. This antiflaring plan by Helms and the ND politicians has been a disaster. Should let them flare freely if that is what they decide for economic reasons.

    1. Yes, I didn't get too excited about the H2S issue. I think they were thinking out loud. With the same data, the same issues, there would be regulators and state officials using that as a wedge to shut down fracking (think New York). I appreciate regulators and state officials working WITH the industry rather than AGAINST the industry.