Monday, June 17, 2019

Another Fractionation Plant Being Considered Near Houston -- Keeping Texas Great -- June 17, 2019

Ohio-based MLPX is considering a half-billion dollar fractionation plant near Houston. Data points:
  • $460 million project
  • south of Houston
  • contingent upon tax incentives
  • school districts allowed to negotiate tax concessions
  • in this case, MPLX is asking Angleont ISD to tax the half-billion dollar project as if it were worth only $30 million for the first ten years
  • approval authority: the Texas Comptroller
  • construction: 500 workers during peak construction
  • 10 full-time jobs once complete;
  • full-time employees: at least $66K annually
Yes, it's a slow news day.

I was wondering when we would see this story -- it took less than a week for insurers to respond. From Bloomberg, oil tanker insurance premiums set to surge. 

Also from Bloomberg, President Trump is trying to make it more expensive for Gazprom to go ahead with that European Nord Streak pipeline link. Good, bad, or indifferent, past presidents have simply ignored these things.

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